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Easter Eggs that Appear in the Comic

Picture Description
2012-11-24 12 44 36--011 Chapter 1, Page 11 SHADOWBINDERS Webcomic Steampunk, Fantasy, RomCom!
Strip #011: Whale Crash

Whale Crash. From

Whale crash is an homage

to a previous webcomic that

Thom Pratt (aka Kneon) did

in 2008, called Music of the Spheres.

The first chapter of the comic

was online briefly, but creative ? ?

differences, between the artist and writer,

caused the webcomic to end and it was

removed from the internet.

Later, Thom created a site called, but it is not in use

at this time.

[Floyd] Strip #205?
Pink Floyd reference to the album cover "Animals"

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