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Chris Shields - The handsome young captain of the football team, and longtime crush of Mia White.

Brianna Fairfield - Long time girlfriend of Chris, and the most popular (and self-centered) girl in school. Her Daddy is rich, and spoiled her. Now she thinks she can get whatever she wants.

Connie Anderson - One of Mia's closest friends. Brunette who wears glasses.

Molly Jones - One of the closest friends of Mia White. Blonde with freckles.

Michael White - Mia's annoying little brother.

Mia's Grandma Rachel - brought over a box of old junk from Mia's grandfather, including an odd journal and locked box, in which Mia finds an odd red gemmed ring.

Mrs Lynn White - Mia's Mom. She works in real estate

Mr Will White - Mia's Dad. He works in product marketing.

Minor Characters


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