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Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Chapter Information
Name My Life as I Known It.
Chapter No. 1
Pages 24
Release Aug 27, 2010 - Nov 8, 2010
Chapter 2
Comic Chapter

Chapter 1: My Life as I Know it. is the first chapter of the Shadowbinders webcomic.


Chapter 1 starts in a middle of a dream with the members of the True North battling against the red soldiers. The battle is set in a steampunk world. The main character, Mia White wakes up the next day and rushes to school. She explains her dream to her friends and they continue to talk about her crush on Chris Shields. Brianna picks on Mia for this reason. Mia's grandmother is waiting at home. She gives both her and her brother presents. Her presents include an old journal and an old puzzle box containing a ring. Unbeknownst to Mia, the ring is actually magical and transports her to Belatyr. To be precise, it transported her on The True North airship.



Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


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